2019 - The year I finished my world trip, the year I stopped eating animals, but also the year I returned to Amsterdam, to family, friends and CODE D’AZUR. I bought a house and my wife got pregnant. A year to never forget. And I won’t.

Because it was also the year that an above average number of tech companies collected my data. So much data, I can actually make an overview this year. 🤷‍♂️

2019 was definitely the year I totally embraced the power and love of Reddit. I posted 30 times and commented 47 times. Reddit helped me travel more efficient, find a very specific film camera in Taipei, improve my hardware (read: Raspberry Pi) dev skills, and gave me some crucial feedback and flattering compliments on my film photography (I’m looking at you r/analog). My most upvoted post (3400 upvotes 😳) was this self portrait I made while living in Tokyo.

Spending so much time abroad also meant my daily steps goal got improved. Hiking mountains in Taiwan, strolling through Tokyo and exploring the island of Java helped my steps average reach exceptional high values this year.

Source: Garmin and Reddit

Although doing my daily run routine abroad turned out to be a little disappointing, running in Tokyo made up for a whole lot. And although I only ran one race (Montferland Trail) and I had to cancel two races (Amsterdam half Marathon and the Zevenheuvelenloop) it was still a very good year for my running progression. I cranked up my pace, thanks to interval training and adding in some weight training at the gym.

This year I spent a total of 3360 minutes, spread over 108 days, somewhere on a lonely road (or treadmill for that matter) trying to improve my running. That roughly translates to about 640 kilometer of roads that saw my feet. I had a total of 2977 meter elevation gain, a number I really need to improve if I want to do more trail runs next year. My longest run was only 15 km this year, so that’s also something that needs improvement next year.

What I did improve this year was my pace though, I went from an average of 5:35 minutes per km (I was stuck a that number for about 1,5 year) to an average of 4:53, and that includes the interval training. Settling down in Amsterdam in August really helped this 🙂. December really made my statistics peak (or dip if you will), with a PR of 23:40 on the 5K and a PR of 47:48 on the 10K 🎉. All in all I did burn a total of 53,770 calories only with running this years. That equals 227 slices of apple pie by the way 🍰.

I started going to the gym in October of this year. I spent a total of 898 minutes working on my strength these last 3 months. Hoping to improve that number in 2020.

Source: Garmin, Strava and Vondelgym

I spent most of 2019 in Amsterdam, but I also spent 177 days abroad this year. The biggest chunk of it being the final legs of our trip around the world. But there were also (business) trips to Sweden, Denmark and the US.

All this travelling resulted in 41 photos that were cool enough to post on Instagram, apparently. I also started experimenting with Usplash at the end of this year. In two months I uploaded 24 photos (all of them analog pictures I took while travelling) on the stock photo platform that resulted in 11.776.400 views (!!) and 33,285 downloads in total. Mainly because 8 of those pictures were selected by the Unsplash editorial team and featured on their front page. My top performing picture was actually a long exposure shot of the TeamLab exhibition in Tokyo.

Source: Polarsteps, Unsplash and Instagram

2019 was an interesting year for my entertainment consumption. I was still travelling the first 6 months of the year which means a lot of Spotify (especially podcasts) and Netflix was consumed during that period. I spent 27 hours listening to Drake. 27 hours well spent I’d say. Heavily influenced by my time in Asia Bohan Phoenix is the newcomer in my top 5 most listened artists on Spotify this year. According to that same Spotify my most played genres are rap, hip-hop, Dutch hip-hop en, yes indeed, disco. And although my favourite genres might be about drugs, violence, street life and other masculine subjects, my most listened number was I’m every woman by Chaka Khan 💅because, you know, gender is just a social construct.

2019 was definitely the year of the podcast. At least in my rotation. With two hip hop podcasts (Woordenschat and Convo) and the official Ajax podcast being among my most listened podcast, Looppraat (a podcast about running) is definitely my favourite podcast of the year. 1470 minutes I listened to podcasts this year. The other 23.373 minutes I was wearing headphones I was listening to music.

When it comes to consuming tv I started the year with Marie Kondo and finished it with Spiderman. Quite the summary. Saturday the first of June must have been a great day. According to my Garmin data I was super low on steps that day (only 5715 compared to around 12.000 the rest of the days that week). Looking into my Netflix data that starts to make sense: apparently I spent the entire day watching all four Bourne films 🤷‍♂️. Homeland, Terrace House and Top Boy were among the most watched series this year.

Source: Spotify and Netflix