a machine learning experiment

I consider my tattoos little works of art. I spent a ton of time researching artists and their work before getting tattooed. But what art is, has always been debatable. This is something that intrigues me. That’s why I created tattour, a mobile website that uses image recognition, machine learning and lifelike speech synthesis to guide you through my tattoos, just like you would in an actual museum.

I collected my tattoos all over the world and most of them come with a great and/or personal story. Since my tattoos are all fairly visible, I often get questions regarding their meaning, the artist or its origin. This audio tour gives you insights on the artists and the details of the artwork itself, but also on the backstories that come with the tattoos. Every tattoo is scannable and links to a webpage with details and the specific audio clip.

Tattour was made during the corona lockdown in 2020/2021 as a personal project to experiment with machine learning. Tattour uses Google’s Teachable Machine, the P5 Javascript library and Amazon’s Polly TTS service.