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turn any room into an escape room

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Dutch bank ABN AMRO needs bright IT-minds (e.g. Data Scientists, App Developers) to help shape the future of finance. The problem is that ABN AMRO is not necessarily seen as a very appealing place to work. So we need to do something that would create the right kind of attention.

Data from previous campaigns shows that tech savvy people are strongly triggered by games, challenges and riddles. Therefor we decided to build them an escape room. But not just any escape room.

In a mobile AR experience we turn any room into an Escape Room. With the combination of video assets and augmented reality technology, an immersive game was created. One where you, as an IT-expert, are asked to avoid a global financial crisis. Try to solve different challenges around themes like artificial intelligence, info-security and blockchain technology.

In close collaboration with Jeroen Thissen, Björn Diemer and Tjeerd Buntsma.